10 things you just can’t miss in Granada

Posted on Mar 7, 2016

Granada deserved more of my attention, I have to admit it. Even so, I believe I could come out with some good tips of what to do there in 24h without going crazy and including time to enjoy a coffee in the middle of the afternoon.






1)Alhambra.The biggest part of your day will be dedicated to visit the Alhambra. You can´t escape from that. The gigantic complex was a fortress and a palace with astonishing gardens and views to the city. A place worth going where you are certainly going to learn a lot.




Even so, you should be aware of the tips below, that will save you from non expected bad surprises along the way and will guaranty that everything runs smoothly along the day.




*Alhambra is located on the top of a hill, so it’s easier to take a bus to get there. On their  site they show exactly how to get there by bus or using other transports.




*Tickets are limited. Either you buy it on internet or you are going to arrive really early and fight for it with other tourists. Not classy at all.




*The Nasrid Palace Ticket deserves a lot of attention. It´s like an extra ticket and you are going to pay it separately from the Alhambra one. The trick here is that this ticket allows you to have access to the Palace only at a specific time. Imagine that you arrive at Alhambra at 10am and your ticket is just for 5 hours later? In my case, I had to leave the city in 3 hours and ended up losing money. #fail




2)Stop for a coffee or pastry or something delicious at Café 4 Gatos. A charming place, quiet for such a touristic area, with a partial view for Alhambra. A deserved rest that is totally included in your touristic rout.





Captura de Tela 2016-02-06 às 00.05.54

3)Mirador de San Nicolás. EVERYBODY goes there to see the sunset. It makes perfect sense, since the views you get to Alhambra from there are really amazing. You will have spanish guitars as soundtrack, I hope you like them.


OBS: Just beside this mirador is the Mezquita Mayor de Granada. Built in 2003, it has a precious garden that offers the exactly same views as the Mirador, but without being so overcrowded.



4)Alcaicería.  THE PLACE for the ones that love to negotiate everything in life and general arts and crafts. It has the colourful vibe of arabian markets and you will find purses, fabrics and spices. By the way, Alcaicería was the term used to define a commercial area of the city, during the Muslim era. It’s important to set your expectations though, since nowadays it is a very touristic environment. Even so, I think it’s important to give it a try, since it is such an important part of the city.

Captura de Tela 2016-02-06 às 00.09.21

5)Carrera del Darro. The most beautiful and romantic street of Granada. To have a calm and nice walk along the river, appreciating the houses, the trees, the small bars…A must go.

Captura de Tela 2016-02-06 às 22.54.33

6)Café Bar la Fontana. Stop what you are doing and go get some free tapas, definetly my favourite Spanish tradition. I saw lots of recommendations on Trip Advisor, but ended up in cheap bars that served doritos as free tapas. This place, located at number 19 of Carrera del Darro, has nothing to do with it. With every beer you ask they serve small crostinis with shrimps, avocados, jamón, cheese…Nice stuff!

Captura de Tela 2016-02-06 às 22.55.03

7)Albayzin. An up hills neighbourhood with narrow streets, white houses, bars, restaurants and little stores. To get lost and to find moments of joy eating delicacies or a cold beer. Saint Nicolas Mirador is in this neighbourhood, so be prepared for amazing views along the way.


8)El Bañuelo.
 Also located at Carrera del Darro, it’s an arabian bath, really well preserved and with a free entrance. You can visit every room en get to see the sealing with star shaped windows. An interesting visit through different cultures without leaving Europe.

9)Puerta de Elvira. It was the main gate to the Muslim Granada. Pretty impressive, eh?

10)Catedral de Granada. I didn’t get in, actually, but I strongly believe that if it’s your first time in the country you should visit. Spanish cathedrals are amazing.


Are there even more things to do in Granada? For sure! This is just a small guide for people that have little time in the city, and need to know what not to miss in order to also enjoy the small pleasures of eating and drinking!  Visiting museums is amazing, but you all know that, in this blog, food matters.

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