24 hours in Valencia

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

I had a speed date with Valencia and, even with less than 24h, I could find  some really cool things about the city and made an express little guide for you guys.


1) Our hotel was really close to the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and science), a gigantic complex that mixes different and innovative architectural styles. I didn´t get in , but was pretty impressed by the magnitude of the project and it´s reflection on a very large swimming pool. It´s a must see, even if it´s just from the outside.






2) Eat an authentic paella. This is the Valencian dish by excellence and have it as lunch or dinner is a mandatory experience in the city. I did a previous research to find the best places to eat a proper paella, but almost all of them were located outside town, but one. Casa Roberto has it´s share of Japanese tourists, I admit, but food was from out of this world. My dish was perfectly cooked, with a brilliant socarrat (my favourite part, when rice gets a little crunchy on top), lot´s of flavour and a killer alioli. It wasn´t a proper paella, it was an “arroz a banda” (a rice with prawns and fish) because to enjoy the star dish you have to book and order 30 minutes in advance. So now you know, for a proper paella, call before. If you don´t have the time, ask for the amazing “arroz a banda”. You won´t regret.

Captura de Tela 2016-02-07 às 13.48.07

3)For foodies (and non foodies) I definitely recommend a visit at the city´s Central Market. It exists since 1839, but only in 1928, after an architectural contest, it´s beautiful modernist façade was built. There are not only stores, but also bars and restaurants. I really enjoyed having some wine on a summer night next to  it´s façade all lighten up.

4)Lonja de la Seda. I only saw it from outside, but thought it was very interesting and beautiful. It´s a gothic building that was built during XV and XVI centuries and was a place dedicated for commercial activities in the city.

5)Torre de Serranos. I also only saw it from outside, but was amazed by the fact that it was part of the eleven gates that protected the city in the past.

I promise I will return with more time and bring more tips to the blog!

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