7 things you can’t miss in Córdoba

Posted on Jan 31, 2016

I had another idea of Córdoba. I thought it was bigger, much more like Sevilla. What surprised me the most was the lost in time look of the city, that makes you feel inside of a movie.  I could go on talking about my impressions forever, but I rather leave you with a list of  the 7 things you just can´t miss in the city. From my point of view, obviously.

1) Roman Bridge and Medieval Tower. Can it get more movie like than this? I don´t think so. the bridge is from the 1st century and the tower is from the XII century. Obviously, everything was restored a couple of times, but it is still pretty impressive to imagine everything that happened in the meanwhile, during a long walk along Guadalquivir river. It is also stated that it was a part of Via Agusta, that used to connect Rome to Cádiz during the Roman Empire.




2) Alcázar de los Reyes Catolicos. We were there during summer and, in despite of the crazy heat we could admire a large variety of flowers, colours and bugs. The garden is absolutely huge and you are going to need some time to explore it properly!








3) Flamenco. I ran away from Flamenco in Barcelona, because it isn´t really part of the Catalan traditions. I also ignored the ones my Hotel advertised and found a restaurant called  Pátio de la Judería, where a Flamenco performance was included in the price of dinner. I eat a lot and had so much fun. The restaurant has tables upstaairs and you can watch the performance from the balcony, while you eat. If I know a lot about Flamenco dance? Of course not! But I know where to find nice things for an affordable cost!

Captura de Tela 2016-01-16 às 23.42.22

What did we eat:

Meatballs. Yes, they are a thing in the south of Spain. It had that home made flavour and was a HUGE plate! Grandma´s style.
Flamenkische. It is like a Chicken Kiev. A chicken filled of jamón and cheese, coated and fried. Huge and tasty. Impossible not to love the south isn´t it?
4) Roman Temple. You are going to find it at the end of a street full of bars. Picture yourself drinking a beer and looking at this Roman Temple, while you eat free tapas?


5) Calleja de las Flores. Everybody talks about it, but it is just a really narrow street full of flowers on the wall. Since it is pretty and you are going to be around the Judería neighbourhood anyway, I recommend it.



Captura de Tela 2016-01-16 às 23.43.45
6) Córdoba Cathedral. It is a cathedral built over a mosque that was build over a Visigoth church. Uff. The place is absolutely magical and unusual union of different kinds of architecture styles over years. The kind of place to spend time and where an audio guide is worth the investment.









7)Enjoy a calm breakfast at La Bicicleta. with giant slices of bread with tomato sauce before hitting the road again.

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