Brazilian Cheese Bread

Posted on Aug 5, 2015


Since I have mentioned “pão de queijo”, or cheese bread, on my instagram (brigadeirosebarcelona) and snapchat (bribarcelona) everybody got absolutely nuts about it. When I said that the recipe was oh-so-simple, made of just four ingredients that are easy to find even outside Brazil, then things got really out of control. I’ve never expected everyone would want this recipe!

Let’s put an end to this quest and give people what they want – This cool recipe of this little balls of love that “pães de queijo” are. If you are not great at cooking or live in some place outside Brasil, come with me, I’ll help you.

200g of mozzarella
200g of grana padano
200g of manioc flour (I was able to find it easily in organic shops here in Barcelona. The one I’ve bought is african)
200g of milk cream (This is always confusing, since I think that is no proper substitute outside Brazil. I have tried with bechamel sauce and it worked. Other possible substitutes are light cream, table cream or “nata”, for my spanish friends)

Take a large bowl and put the mozzarella in.

Add the grana padano. Now pause for some observations: Is it possible to use a cheaper parmesan cheese? Yes it is, since it is a salty one, like this. And come on people, it’s the main ingredient of the recipe, let’s choose a very good cheese to make a difference! ;)

Add the manioc flour. Pause for another important observation: The bread in the picture was made with 250g (or 260g? or 270g?) of flour, thats why it looks more like a ball. With 200g (or 190g?) the result is less rounder, more soft and more cheesy. I kind of prefer it this way. So, if the package has 500g, put less than a half of it.

Add the milk cream and mix everything with the hands until it becomes a ball of dough.

Now shape it in little balls. I think the smaller, the better, since we are going to have more “pães de queijo” and it’s impossible to eat just one of them.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and leave the balls there for 30 minutes.

An important tip! I never believe in the cooking time of recipes and I believe you shouldn’t as well. In 25 minutes, go to the kitchen and take a look at the cheese bread, to see if they are already golden. If so, it’s ready to eat with butter! Yum!

Just 4 ingredients, guys! It can’t get better than this!

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