Fake Gnocchi

Posted on Aug 5, 2015

Yep, kind of a crazy recipe, I know. But at this point in time I’m pretty sure you trust me a little bit, don’t you? Then, let’s see how to make this fake gnocchi!


Ingredients (for 2):
3 potatoes ,
Parmesan cheese
Milk ,
Tiny tomatoes,
1/2 Onion,
Butter ,
Salt and pepper .
(When there isn’t a quantity, you can use ingredients as you wish)

How to do it:
Make a regular potato pure with less milk than usual. At the end incorporate the parmesan cheese.
Ín a pan, stirfry onions on butter.
With the help of a spoon, make little balls of potato pure and fry them on butter until every side turns golden.
Put the tomatoes and arugula on a pan and stir fry it really quick, just so they can get a little more soft.
A pinch of salt and pepper and it’s done!

What do you think guys? Approved?

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