Fuengirola in 24h

Posted on Sep 29, 2015

On my trip to the south of Spain I’ve found a lovely place called Fuengirola, that is part of the Málaga province. I have friends living there and their recommendations were so nice that I decided to write this post with some cool things to do in 24h.

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Let’s get started?

Good morning:

*Have a huge breakfast at San Chocolate Coffee Gallery . They have the most lovely internal terraza and the jamón tostas are really worthy.

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Calle San Pancracio, 6 

*Go to the beach! There are 8 km of Costa del Sol. for you to enjoy. I know they are urban beaches, but they are nice and calm (at least when I was there).

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*Find a unique souvenir at the flea market. Every sunday there is the Mercadillo de Fuengirola with everything you can imagine. Impossible to leave with empty hands.

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la foto 1 (11)

Afternoon delight:

*Mijas Pueblo is the way to go. We have already talked about pueblos blancos here, do you remember? This one is a cute overload.

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We found a restaurant called Aroma Café & Secret Garden. You walk through a cute white house to find a wonderful garden, full of fig trees, flowers and small lights.

Calle San sebastian, 8

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Sunset and drinks:

*Castillo Sohail views. It could be more in shape, but hey, we are talking about a castle that has more than 1000 years and offers great views to the sea. When I was there, a beer festival was going on, so don’t forget to take a look at the city’s activities and events before going. It is open until 21h (summer) and 18h (winter).

*Stop for a cold drink and tapas. At Taberna El Volapié  I tried the “hamburguer de rabo de toro con queso Payoyo” ( oxtail burguer with goat cheese – 5,00) and “cazón en adobo” (fried marinated white fish – 6,00). We stayed there a little while, drinking beer and relaxing . PS: Taberna el Volapié is a bar chain, but I really liked the food, that’s why I am recommending it.

Calle Troncón, 3

Captura de Tela 2015-09-24 às 18.54.57

After a good night of sleep you can get in your car and go to  Málaga or even  Sevilla!

Who is going to the south of Spain? Let me know!!

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