Mont Saint Michel – What to eat?

Posted on Aug 5, 2015

Are we still talking about Mont Saint Michel? Yes we are!



Things you need to know about the local gastronomy:

*La Mére Poulard? Never heard of her? Now you will!  This corner of Normandy is absolutely ruled by this lady’s family. Restaurants? Mére Poulard! Caramels? Mére Poulard! And it goes on and on like this…


*Someone will probably try to introduce you to the famous Mére Poulard omelete. Resist it. I know the youtube videos showing how to make this delicacy are really interesting, traditional and tempting but the outcome is just a heavy omelete with some egg foam. seriously, too eggy (or heavy, you got my point).

* The salted caramel galettes are truly addictive. Be very careful! And, of course they are Mére Poulard’s.


*Prices are way better outside the “Mont”. At a restaurant near the hotel, for less than €15,00 we had starters, main course and desert. Nothing fancy, just quality food. Exemple: Sea snails and shrimps!


*Ask at the hotel’s reception if they can make a reservation at some of the restaurants nearby, while you go sightseeing by day. They give a code so the tourists that are driving can park really close to the place where the “navettes” (a.k.a little bus) are. This is great if you want to go back to the “Mont” at night, after dinner, to take some extra night pictures.



*Roasted lamb is one of the most special dishes of the region. They say that it tastes even more special because they spend their lives drinking from the salted water of the bay. Take the vegetarians out of the room!

*The restaurant Le Pre Salé was the one that truly achieved my expectations about what Normandy’s food would look and taste like. In just one €30,00 menu, all the delicacies that I’ve been looking forward to try during the hole trip through this region.

*Fresh oysters from Calanque.  In theory, the best oysters of the world comes from this region. I’ve never had anything like this before, and regretted having ordered the 6 oyster portion. 12 would have been very nice. ;)


*Lamb chops. Definitely a favorite. The lamb was really tasty, but I was kind of expecting it to be more salty, since they grow up drinking the salty water of the bay. Potato tortilla, delicate white beans and a really nice salad (like only french people can make) were the complements of the meal.


*Creme Brulée.  Impossible to order any other kind of dessert here. Also, don’t forget we were on a quest for the perfect creme brulée! This one was pretty wonderful but, even so, the one we had in Rouen was the winner.


In the next post I’ll tell you why staying outside the Mont Saint Michel can be a good idea!

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