Mont Saint Michel – Where to stay?

Posted on Aug 5, 2015

Today I’m going to answer the main question about where to stay in Mont Sain Michel! Should you stay inside the “Mont or outside the “Mont”? I’ll tell you what you should do!

*Everything is more expensive inside the “Mont” and not necessarily better because of that.


*The only positive thing of staying inside the “Mont”, for me, would be the privileged view to see the phenomena of the rising of tides. If you think it’s a must for you and you are willing to pay (much) more for that, go for it! :)

*Don’t worry about the distance from your hotel to the “Mont”. Just pay attention to the distance from the navettes (the little buses that takes tourists to the “Mont”). Their stop is pretty close to “Le Pré Sale” restaurant (you can check it on googlemaps).


* I stayed at the hotel  Les Vieilles Digues, just 3km from the “Mont” (you can see it from the street!). It’s possible to take a very pleasant walk, during the day, to the place where the navettes are.


* The french lady that owns this B&B is the nicest person ever. Always very talkative and concerned with their guests. Feels like you are staying at your aunt’s house. The bedrooms are comfortable, wifi is free and the view for their private garden is pure delight.




*Breakfast was a feast! Local Brie cheese, salumi, jams, yogurts, breads…etc, etc, etc. Absolutely nothing to complain about!


*If you consider yourself a “crazy cat person” (like I do), be happy because they have Max, the grey cute cat of the picture. He came to “say hi” when we arrived and tried to have breakfast by our side. The poor cat really wanted some brie cheese but, c’mon Max, you live in France and we don’t! LOL


*The room rate was around €80,00.

If you stay there, come and tell me if Max is still around! ;)

Next stop, Loire Valley!

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