Posted on Aug 5, 2015

Do you remember that, not long ago, I’ve told you about my amazing EatWith experience? I had such a blast that night and was really looking forward to repeat the experience. I don’t even need to tell you how happy I got when I received an invitation for another dinner party – YEY!

By now, you should know EatWith is not a restaurant. The dinner will take place at the house/place of choice of the host, who is supposed to be a cool local of the city you are, with exceptional culinary skills. After all, tourism and gastronomy walk together, right? Lucky me, the host was Joel (EatWith global manager), a really cool guy that decided to leave the suits and ties behind (everyone’s dream, I guess) to propose amazing gastronomical experiences to the ones that are just passing by or, why not, actually living in Barcelona.

I’m dying to share this whole experience with you, guys! Let’s take a look?

Everything started with a “vermut”, after all, we are in “Catalunya”.


It was a 14 people dinner, so getting to know the other guests while having some drinks was a nice thing to do, while Joel finished the last details of the meal. By the way, how dreamy is this kitchen with a window? Lovely way to keep the conversation without burning anything ;)


First of all, we had “ajoblanco”, a famous soup from the south of Spain. You might be thinking, “garlic soup? For real?” Yes, my friends, it’s real, light, sweet and wonderfull. I’ve tried it before, but this litlle plate here was so delicate, with little pieces of almonds, grapes and sumac, a popular middle eastern spice. Last but not least, there was this tiny red fruit that not only gave colour to the plate, but also an extra sweetness. Too many flavours, guys…You wouldn’t believe!



Then, a really elaborated caprese salad arrives on the table. With a huge tomato on the center (that Joel didn’t want to tell me where it was bought – Sob!) and other little and colourful ones around it, a really creamy cheese, pesto sauce, giant capers, pickeld garlic and, ta-dã, more dried tomatoes. And you thought this would be “just another salad”…of course it wouldn’t.



The next dish really surprised me! An extraordinary thick puree of carrots, almonds and zaathar. It kept me wondering why this great mixture idea never occured me. To add even more grace to the plate, onion pickes, radish and, sure, the carrot for an extra crunch.


Things got really serious with the main dish, a “merluza” with mussels and a creamy saffron sauce. I can’t remember the last time I ate a fish so fresh, with it’s meat so tender. The saffron cream and the mussels were an absolut perfection. My compliments couldn’t be more sincere, I swear.


Some of you may not know, but it’s mushroom season here in Catalunya. So, a really welcome big plate of them was disposed on the table, for everyone to grab a bite. Great idea, isn’t it? With it, individual dishes with stuffed mushrooms and a pastry filled with it’s cream as well. At first glance, I thought it was a piece of meat! Mushrooms always fool me…hihi




Finally, one of the best desserts I have ever had. Figs stuffed with a mascarpone cream, with a hint of olive oil, coffee powder, chocolate creamy chunks and little slices of kumquat, that added not only flavour but also a colourful vibe to the plate. Amazing.



Dinner was over, but the good news had just started! The best thing is that in the beginning of 2015 we will have this recipes at our reach, since Joel is about to launch a book, “Papalosophy” (to understand what this expression means, click here!) including all this delicious dishes. He told me he was on nutrition school, so he’s always preoccupied that the recipes are not only delicious, but healthy as well. In sum, with he’s book we are going to learn how to do this super original recipes, make our friends / boyfriends / family happy and, the best thing, keep in shape! #cantwait #lookingforwardto2015.

To know more about Joel, a.k.a Papa Serra Jr, and his “Papalosophy” click here!

To know more about EatWith, click here!

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