Rio de Janeiro – City Guide #1

Posted on Dec 19, 2016

As you may know, although I am currently living in Barcelona, I was born in sunny/rainy Rio and lived there for 30 years of my life. After 2.5 years out of town, I came back to visit the places I love and to discover new ones. In the following weeks I will share with you an updated list of some cool things to do in the city. The articles will be divided by areas, so it’s easier to figure out what to do around the touristic hotspots.

Let´s start with one of the areas that used to be my neighbourhood!

Laranjeiras / Cosme Velho


Cristo Redentor: It´s a must see and you probably already know that. In the link you will find the prices and an explanation on how to buy the tickets to get there.


Largo do Boticário: An old square with colorful buildings that will make you travel in time, it´s really close to the place where you will head to Cristo.

Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa: The most famous “esfiha” (a folded pastry with well seasoned meat inside) in town. This small restaurant is at a square known for the high number of pickpockets. Watch out for your belongings if you are going to some of this places!



Villa 25: A boutique hotel with an interesting bar. Try their Clericot jar, very refreshing in summer evenings.



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