Rio de Janeiro|City Guide #3

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

This recommendation is especially useful if you have been in the city before. Explore the renewed neighbourhood of Centro, around Praça Mauá.


The mural “somos todos um” (we are one), created by the Brazilian artist Kobra is absolutely astonishing and took 3.000 spray cans to be finished. Streets have changed to a more pedestrian friendly environment and the port now offers quality street art in it´s walls.




The expensive Calatrava´s Museum of Tomorrow and the Rio Art Museum, also helped changing the skyline of the area. Truth to be said, it was hard not to compare the first with the City of Arts and Science in Valencia.


Centro has a wide offer of restaurants, but once there, try to find a spot at Confeitaria Colombo. It is quite touristy, but this restaurant from the late 1800 will hypnotize you with its stained-glass windows, brocaded mirrors and marble countertops. Don´t leave without trying the “coxa creme”, a chicken snack with a crunchy outside and creamy interior.

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