Posted on Aug 10, 2015

In the middle of the way between Malaga and Sevilla there is Ronda. Although it doesn’t have lots of touristic attractions, it’s a very interesting little town. If you are planning to go to the south of Spain and Ronda is right in your way, but still not in your plans, think again, it will be worth it!


Here are some recommendations for the fast travellers like me:

Puente Nuevo / The New Bridge. The city was build on a 120m cliff and this is the most famous and beautiful bridge of the surroundings.

la foto 3 (3)




Alameda del Tajo / Tajo’s Path. There, you will found a lookout with spectacular views of the bridge.


Old Town. Where the touristic points are. Take a walk and enjoy the crazy views of the houses standing on the cliffs.




la foto 5

la foto 4 (1)

Who has already been to Ronda? Tell me what you thought about it!

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