Tapas 24

Posted on Aug 4, 2015

I’ve always noticed that people search for a Ferrian Adriá vibe when they visit Barcelona. If a restaurant has a chef that has previously worked at El Bulli, oh boy, it’s going to have a huge cue.

Tapas 24, that has Carles Abellan as a chef, is the perfect exemple of my definition. It’s location, right next to Passeig de Gracia, the fanciest street in Barcelona, makes it a very, very, very touristic place. Even so, I have to admit that the food is great and that if you follow my tips it will be perfectly possible to have a good food experience there.

The restaurant is well known for it’s Mc Fois and Truffled Biquini (9,50), but since I’m not an expensive lady, I’ll show other tasty and more down to earth tapas that are worth trying.

Costelletes de conill arrebossades amb all i oli – Deep fried crunchy rabbit ribs. Insanely good. (11,50)


Braves – Fried potatoes with a spicy and garlicky sauce. Just perfect, like it’s meant to be. (3,50)

la foto 1 (4)

Russa amb picos de Jerez – Russian salad, a combination of potatoes, tuna and mayo that is a total hit here in Cataluña. I have to admit that BarBut does it better, but this one is also very good. (3,75)


Truita de Trempó – Tortilla! I love it when a runny yolk appears when you cut the first slice. This one is exactly like this. It comes with the bonus of jamon slices on top, although they were too salty for my taste. Such a shame. (6,00)

la foto 2 (4)

Pan con tomate – Yes, bread with tomato, present in 10 out of 10 breakfast family tables in Cataluña. I can’t remember how much did it cost but you have to try. One of the best versions I’ve tried so far.


I’ve never tried, but there is a dessert made of chocolate, olive oil and salt that is the talk of the town! Shame on me, I have to come back to try it and make a new post.

Ah! Do you remember the little tip I’ve mentioned at the beginning? If you want to eat in a well known restaurant like this one, but hate having to wait in a large queue, just arrive before 13:30h (or check the time the restaurant opens it’s doors). Catalans use to have lunch and dinner kinda late, so take advantage of that ;)

To learn more about the restaurant and menu, click here!

Carrer de la Diputació, 269

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