Walk With Me

Posted on Aug 5, 2015

Today’s post is not about food, but don’t worry! I’m going to show you something really, really cool that I’ve found here in Barcelona. The reason of my excitement is called Walk With Me.


I was checking my instagram (@brigadeirosebarcelona) the other day and saw an event regarding the presentation of a map that showed where all the artisan beers of Barcelona are. I got very interested, obviously, and started researching more about them. What I’ve found out was just a cute overload of beautiful illustrations of Barcelona and Madrid neighborhoods.




Take a look at this colourful maps and guides! Can’t you just imagine them in your walls right now? If you can’t, you can take a glance at how it looks like in my house ;)

Mine is illustrated by the talented Maria Diamantes.




And I have more good news: They deliver the product all over the world! Just go to their site and pick your city. With all costs included, the price of the map is 30 euros. If you manage to buy it here in Spain, the cost will be 12 euros. Not bad at all.

I seriously recommend you to check their website! I’m sure you all have an empty wall at home or a friend that has just moved and need cute things to decorate his new house. A really creative and Barcelona-ish kind of gift!

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