Rio de Janeiro|City Guide #2

Posted on Dec 28, 2016

Moving on with our guide to Rio, today I will show you a place that is full of nature. Small village houses and lots of green will make you fall in love with this quiet neighborhood.

Jardim Botânico / Horto: Botanical Garden: A truly impressive variary of plants. It’s path with the centenary palm trees and the japanese garden can’t be missed. In the link you will find prices and how to get there.

Parque Lage: In my opinion, one of the most beautiful spots in Rio. Projected in 1840 by the the English landscaper John Tyndale, it became historical and cultural heritage of the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1957. The place is now a school of arts and it’s gardens, that share space with the native forest of Mata Atlântica, are totally open to visit. Go explore and you will find caves, cascades, miradors and possibly have an encounter with toucans and monkeys.

Bar Jóia. Prices in Rio are becoming more and more expensive. If you are looking for a cheap beer and no thrills, This is the bar to look for.

Casa Carandaí: Jardim Botânico is, by excellence, a neighborhood to enjoy a good breakfast, due to the high amount of coffee places in the area. This shop has a restaurant inside where you can have a huge breakfast (their cakes are very moist and tasty) or even have a chilean wine late in the afternoon (18€ aprox). In the shop you can find some gems like crunchy biju (a biscuit made of cassava flour) and brazilian cheeses (yes, not only the French have good cheeses!)

Pacheco Leão street: Go up this street until you get to Horto neighborhood. Get lost (but not that much) in the tiny and calm streets and appreciate the colourful buildings of the villas. There are several restaurants in the area that offer tables outside, so you can enjoy a drink in the sun.

Sobe: This bar doesn’t have tables outside, but it’s open terrace has views to Cristo Redentor. Try their jars (R$68,00) that mixes Tequila with Vodka. It´s serves up to three!

Benta Studio: Don´t miss this cute store, right at the beginning of Visconde da Graça street. They have the most creative patterns for their clothes, like these cute capivaras!


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  1. Quanto lugar legal!!! Apesar de ter ido já umas várias vezes pro Rio, não conheço muita coisa. Numa proxima visita quero muito conhecer o Parque Lage!! *_*

  2. Acredita que não fui ao Sobe até hoje? Só enrolo, tenho que riscar da lista!

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